Thursday, 15 December 2011

Meow! Katy Perry launches her new fragrance in LA..

Wow.. the pics of Katy Perry at the launch of her newest perfume 'Meow!' blew me away! 

My favourite California Girl looked amazing in her knee length pink dress- unusually demure but still fabulous and 'very Katy' by showing off her curves! 

And I would just like to point out the obvious but she is another star that has recently gone for the chop and dyed her locks blonde! They say 3s a trend- so if I go by Katy, Cheryl and Rihanna, it looks like that may be my new look next year when I go back to the hairdressers.. If I'm brave enough that is! 

Well, i sidestepped the Candy colour phase so maybe blonde is meeting in the middle on the crazy scale! 

So as for the perfume itself.. I am still waiting to try it.. although I adore the pink cat shaped bottle! (Which Katy complimented with her outfit!) 

Katy said "I grew up going to flea markets, and all the vintage stores and the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, I'd always look for milk glass - that beautiful, vintage milk glass that held candles, or salt and pepper. I definitely wanted to use it for Meow."

And as for the scent.. Katy went all Cheryl Cole on us and declared how she felt that certain smells could be linked to fond memories! 

"I think that you can hear a song, and it'll take you back to that moment, or that person, or that time in your life. Same thing with your sense of smell - it's really powerful...So I thought I could make memories with people with Purr or Meow." 

She also described the new fragrance as "edible" as it contains essence of pear, vanilla and honeysuckle along with musk and amber. 


Well I can't wait to try it as I loved Purr which she released last year... it was really me, very girly as it infused floral scents such as jasmine blossom, pink freesia and rose. 

So congratulations to Katy on the success of her perfume collection.. I really hope there is more to come as she really seems to capture a fun energy and her sensual personality.. Maybe in the future something i can wear at night will come from her as I do feel these are more of a daytime scent with their floral and fruity scent. 

Hopefully something seductive for her 'KatyCats' to really get their claws in to!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I'm in Love! Cheryl Cole unveils her collection of shoes for

I know, I know, they were revealed last week but I only just started my blog Ok?!  

I couldn't love shoes any more and then my idol Cheryl Cole designs a collection of them at an affordable price and I'm in SHOE HEAVEN! 

So, even though I'm awaiting pay day I absolutely couldn't resist having a peek... Here are some of my favourites! 

Your Royal Hotness

These are my perfect pair from her collection and who'd have thought it- their Cheryl's 'Signature Shoe'! 
I knew it, we were separated at birth! Ha

Cheryl says: 'This is my signature shoe, so it had to represent me – it's girly but glam, all at the same time. I love every detail from the studs to the heart on the heel' 

I love them because they are a shoe that will never go out of style, compliment my girly fashion sense but are also a bit edgy too as they have a studded heel. I also love the fact that the you can remove the ankle strap so you can adapt your look and mix it up.  And as for the name... well that say's it all really! They've gone straight on my Wishlist! 

Ri Ri 
I instantly fell in love with these beauties for obvious reasons!

After seeing the collection last week I also read the Grazia article where Cheryl admitted to having over 2000 pairs of shoes! And having to store them in places around the house including the fridge! Ha.. well maybe I'll have that many one day.. a girl can dream. But I did love the comment Cheryl made about shoes being associated to memories 

‘For me, all shoes have memories - wearing them on a certain occasion like that means the shoe gets that memory.'

And that got me thinking about my own shoes buried deep at the bottom of my wardrobe and how they are linked to memories. 

So far, I have my 'school leavers ball' gold heels and 'graduation' shoes that I have kept in their boxes and haven't worn again. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to say these were my 'engagement' shoes, my 'big promotion' heels and my 'child's first day at school' boots. Those will be happy memories!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My First Blog Post! Welcome!

I have started this blog as I am a huge fan of all things beauty, fashion and celeb! I love writing and giving my opinion on anything and everything so this seems like a good place to put all my thoughts down!

So... I really hope you'll all enjoy reading it! 

Who better to dedicate my first ever post to than my favourite Pop Star Rihanna! I've just seen the pics of her on the Armani lingerie shoot... 

I am loving her newly dyed blonde crop! Rihanna told the Daily Mail 'We did a whole transformation so now I’m a blonde and not a red head anymore… and I like it.' 

Love her!! She can do no wrong!!