Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eylure + Katy Perry = Dream Lashes!

I honestly thought that nothing would ever compete with the Eylure Girls Aloud Lash ranges that I apply religiously every weekend (favourite being Kimberley's) - I think I may have been wrong. 

The false lash experts have unveiled a collection of lashes that they have designed with pop-princess Katy Perry!

Katy revealed that she had worn Eylure lashes during her California Dreams tour last year and was keen to develop her own range. 

Katy said: “When it came to having a range of my own, I wanted everyone to have a great experience with my lashes,” 

“As they have such an amazing history and great quality, Eylure was really the best choice for me to work with.”   

There are 4 designs which Katy had a great deal of involvement in. 

A spokesperson stated: "Katy had a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and was involved in every step of the design process. We were keen to create a range of lashes that were a direct extension of her own personal style" 

So here they are... 
Cool Kitty 
I think we may have guessed that the Caifornia girl would put her own spin on the names for each style and she certainly didn't disappoint by adding her love of cats in the mix. 

Katy says: "One of my favourite lashes! A perfect eveningwear lash with manicured tips. It can add the ideal finishing touch for a smoky look that will make people purr as you pass" 

Oh Honey! 

"I love that vintage flick at the corners that this lash gives me. Full, fun and great for day or evening" 

Sweetie Pie

"This is a great lash for anyone who wants to try false lashes for the first time. It's sweet and subtle, but add just the right amount of length and volume."

Oh My!

And this last style has got to be my favourite! As i only really wear false lashes when I'm going out for the night these are dramatic with great volume and will definitely get some attention as you flutter away!

Katy added: "I love Eylure Double Lashes, and I just had to have one for my range of lashes. The style is full of texture and very wearable. The perfect accessory for your eyes." 

I completely agree Katy, these are perfect!

So now that I've seen what they look like I can't wait to get my hands on them!

The Katy Perry- Eylure collection will be available to buy in Boots and Superdrug stores next month! So excited!! 

Here are a few tips in applying false lashes to prepare you for your new KatyCat eyes...

  1. Before applying a strip of lashes, measure the length of the lash against your lid. If it’s too long it will look very obvious, so carefully trim it to the right length. 
  2. Use the point of a pair of tweezers to apply the glue to the false lash. This will help you apply it in a precise way and ensure you don't load on too much.
  3. Wait a minute before applying mascara to ensure the glue has dried.
  4. Use a liquid eyeliner to blend the lash line to the lid for the perfect finish!


  1. I'm actually really liking the collection. xx

  2. Ohhh I do like the Oh Honey lashes! :] xx

  3. iv never really worn lashes but these look gorgeous may have to give them a go