Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MAC Cosmetics get inspired by my birthplace!

So I was just on my way to work this morning- coffee in hand, when I received an email from MAC.. and actually did a little jump in the middle of the street almost spilling my Starbucks as I saw that this weeks Scene & Spotted comes from Santiago, Chile! 

To explain, I was born in Santiago and moved to England 20 years ago. 

I've grown up with Chilean influences at home and am always happy to see when the country receives good press about its growing economy etc... 

But to see that my favourite brand of cosmetics has noticed this amazing culture and it's blend of tropical & cosmopolitan vibes to inspire it's products made me so happy inside! 

So here's what MAC had to say about the Santiago beauty scene.. 

'The breakthrough local makeup artist setting standards in Santiago is Constanza Montenegro Iturra, better known as "Coni", has only been working for a couple of years in the makeup world- since working as a beautician- yet she is rapidly making a name for herself as one of Santiago's most acclaimed young makeup artists, setting the standards for how Santiago women use makeup creatively across town.' 

And here are some of the products from Scene & Spotted that I am on my way to Selfridges to buy after work and will add to this post my thoughts tomorrow! 

Powder Blush- Mocha

Stong eyes and lips call for just a soft glow on the cheeks. A soft, plum-pink blush mimics the warmth of the city and people of Santiago.

Pro Longwear lipcreme- Endless Drama

This deep, berry blue-red has everything a fashionable woman of Santiago needs to express herself.

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow- Plush 

This vibrant, vivid purple shadow reflects the tropical spirit of Santiago. 

I'm so excited to get shopping and add these products to my makeup bag so that I'm representing my homeland.

Will add to this post and let you know what I think of the shades that reflect the latin spirit!


  1. really enjoyed reading :) you have a great blog and i love the header <3



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  4. Ooo this looks like a really interesting range, I am in love with the shade of that lipcreme, thanks for sharing