Friday, 13 January 2012

Twilight star joins this years Celeb endorsers..

I don't know how many of you were as shocked as I to hear that Twilight star Kristen Stewart was today announced as the new face of Balenciaga! 

Obviously I don't doubt that she is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses right now.. I was only taken by surprise as it wasn't that long ago she was described as a 'fashion pariah' due to her Gothic style and low-key look. 

It made me sad to hear the rumours that a number of designers and celeb stylists had said they would not want to work with her because of her love for comfy "scruffy" clothes! 

And as an absolute Twi-hard (admittedly for my obsession with R-Patz) I was always keen to see her endorse a beauty brand or designer label and be recognised for the beauty that she is...

Hurrah for Balenciaga!! 

Kristen will be the face of the brand's new fragrance which is set to launch this Autumn. 

The actress has said: "Balenciaga has always stood out to me," 

"Even when I first began to consider fashion and admittedly rarely knew the brand I was wearing, I always recognised and loved Balenciaga... 
the brand is just cool. That's the way it is. I feel drawn to it. It provokes on a number of levels. It isn't afraid or contrived. It hits a very cool balance, always."

Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director at Balenciaga said: 

"Kristen embodies the modernity of the new Balenciaga fragrance with her unique sensibility and intelligence."

So, I am sooooooooo excited for the campaign and to see how the two collaborate together.. 

As soon as I get word or see any pics I'll be posting them straight away!

It does seem that the fashion world are after the Twilight ladies as Kristen joins co-star Ashley Greene as she turned model towards the end of last year for DKNY and their SS 2012 collection. 

DKNY has been one of my favourite fashion brands for a long time and so I was really please to see these stunning photos which were unveiled last month. I really feel Ashley brings her feminine charm to the city style. 

Ashley stated: "To be a part of the brands’ message is incredibly exciting because it feels like such an organic fit."

Perfect match i think!

This year has barely got under way but there have already been so many announcements of fashion-Hollywood collaborations to anticipate in 2012. 

So here's a little taster of what's to come.. if last year is anything to go by I'll be adding plenty more perfumes to my collection as i'm a sucker for smelling like my fav celebs! 

(Thanks to Natalie Portman for Dior and Leighton Meester for Vera Wang!!) 

Anyway.. here's whats to come in 2012...


 Mila Kunis for Christian Dior and Emma Watson for Lancome.

It's gonna be a gooooooooooooooooooood year!

Happy New Year Everyone (Ha, I know it's very late to be saying that but it is my first post of 2012... the first of many!)



  1. I LOVE the mila kunis for Dior campaign - watching her on the golden globes Live from the Red Carpet now - she's so cute! Now following :) x

  2. Aw thank you : ) I'm just writing a new post about the Golden Globes now! Stay tuned..